Krone takes from sailmakers their know-how for the making of its shade sails. Different cloth can be used : various densities of waterproof acrylic cloth or dacron. For other types of cloth, do not hesitate to contact us, we consider each demand as a unique project.


Recycling sails is a great answer to give your old retired sails a second life.

The sails fabric, mainly Dacron, offers unique protection against harsh UV and marine exposure.

Seams and linings give the design its genuine originality.

When applied as a shade cloth, the sail give the home a nautical feeling, while maintaining the standard of the yachting industry strength and excellence.

From sail to shade

Krone proposes to create your shade project by adapting your own sails or by providing recycled sails.

After the study of the technical characteristics (size, shapes…) of the chosen site, a unique sails assembly is designed. Each project is created and implemented by an architect-designer. The most beautiful details are highlighted : eyelets, clews, zigzag stitching…

From Designing to making, Krone calls on the best experts competences – designers, drawers, tailors, technicians… – to achieve the sail that will perfectly fit your outdoor space.

Simplicity declined endlessly

You don’t have your own sail ? As a partner of the best french sailmakers, Krone recycles their used boat sails and adapts them to all your sahed projects. Sails are made in dacron, which is ultra-resistant to UV rays and wheatherproof. Designed for maritime use, they are perfectly resistant to extreme climatic conditions.

Shade sail easily adapts to all concepts : format, size, site, cloth… We can also propose solutions for professionals (restaurants, hotels, stores…).